Tips and Techniques

These are the top things to check when trying to print from rhino.
  • Is your model closed? With your model chosen type Volume.
    •   If the volume is calculable, then it’s good to go.  Otherwise, you’ll see the message “Some of the objects are not closed.

  • If the Volume is not Calculable then the model is either not closed or it is non manifold. Type Show Edges. Check Naked Edges and Non-Manifold Edges.  In depth walk through.

  • If your model has an interior space. Make sure that the wall thickness is at least a 1/8" thickness.

From Rhino you will export the part(s) as an .stl file. Import the .stl into MiniMagics2.0. This is free software that analyses your part for errors not found in Rhino. Students must run ALL files through a MiniMagics check prior to submitting their job for printing. Fix all errors found in MiniMagics and run again to ensure a clean job.