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Signing Up

Sign-up windows open at 10am on Mondays (for Wednesday-Friday) and Thursdays (for Saturday-Tuesday). This may be modified around holidays or other closures.

To monitor the availability of the laser cutters, please check out/subscribe to the following google calendars:
Calendar for John
Calendar for Paul
Calendar for George
Calendar for Ringo
Calendar of Off Hours
The Off Hours calendar adds blocks when the Lab is not open. Please check this calendar regularly, we often close for lectures, demos, lab updates or sometimes when an operator is sick. 

Laser Cutting Hours:
M  10am-1pm & 6-9pm
T   10am-9pm
W  10am-1pm & 6-9pm
R   10am-9pm  
F   10am-1pm
S   10am-5pm
S   10am-5pm 

Sign-Up Procedure
In order to use the laser cutter you will need to sign up for time in-person on the calendar for the
appropriate machine. Operators will assist you in documenting your appointments, which become
available at 9am on Mondays (for Wednesday-Friday) and Thursdays (for Saturday – Tuesday). You
must present your ID both when you sign up, and when you come to cut. It is also your responsibility
to make sure your name and contact information are entered correctly into the ‘Trained Clients’ list,
or else we cannot contact you about time changes, machine outages, etc.
You are allowed a maximum of 4 hours of cut time each week, with no more than 2 hours of cut time
in one day, and our week is Saturday – Friday. There are separate columns for each laser cutter,
and you may not sign up to use multiple laser cutters at the same time. This quota is subject to
change as we approach the end of the semester.
If you are unable to use the time slot you’ve signed up for, you must notify the Operators in advance
so your time can be given to another user; otherwise, it will count against your weekly allotment. You can do this in person at the Lab at least 1 hour in advance, or by emailing
at least 2 hours before your start time with your full name and the date/time that you wish to cancel.
The Operator will remove your name from the sign-in sheet as well as denote the change on your
weekly quota. You will not be able to cross it off yourself, but you will be able to monitor available
time slots using the calendars’ public addresses, which will be included in an email before laser
cutting begins on Monday, September 14.

If you do not properly cancel your time and do not use it, it will count as a No-Show. The first time
you fail to show up in a week, you will receive a warning via email. At the second No-Show, you will
be placed on a Blacklist for the remainder of the current week, as well as the next 2 weeks, which
means you will be unable to sign-up on the calendar or the waiting list or use walk-in time. If you get
a warning 2 weeks in a row, you will be placed on the Blacklist for the following 2 weeks.
If you cancel your time before it is supposed to begin, but with less than adequate notice (see
above), it will not count as a No-Show; however, the hours will not be returned to your quota.

Waiting List
If you are unable to sign up for a specific time slot, you may sign up on the Waiting List. If a student
cancels their appointment or finishes early, the Operator will work down the Waiting List, contacting
students until they find someone to take the time slot. The Waiting List is refreshed daily, so plan to
be in the building, within 5 minutes of the Lab, and ready to cut if you sign up. You can gain up to 2
hours of time daily using the Waiting List.