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How to Cut

Things to Bring

- University ID
- Cutting file already in template
- Material
- Tape (optional)
- Box Cutter (optional)

When You Arrive

We use a 3-check policy in the Fab Lab.
    1. Check-In with your ID when you arrive to cut.
    2. After you have copied your file onto the desktop and opened it in AutoCAD or Illustrator, you must have the Operator do a File Check to make sure you properly deployed the template, your line work is clean and efficient, and compatible with the materials you are using.
    3. Then, when you’re loading the settings, you must have the Operator perform a Settings Check before you send the file to the laser cutters. This check needs to happen whenever you change materials or thicknesses. Be sure to always do a test cut and ask the Operators help you tweak the settings if it is not perfect.

5 Minute Rule

You must be CUTTING within 5 minutes of the start of your session. If you do not start using your appointment within 5 minutes of its start time, you may lose your entire time slot to a student on the Waiting List (and it will count as a No-Show). This means you must have your file completed and your materials cut down prior to your start time, so it is a good idea to arrive 5 minutes before your time begins to make sure you are ready to begin on time.

Template Usage

  1.     Templates are provided below so you can submit files to the laser cutter using Adobe Illustrator.
  2.   Both templates have been prepared to have the proper bed/window/sheet size with a ¼” margin, and the correct settings by layers. 
  3.     Each template includes instructions on how to move line work to the correct layer and attach the appropriate settings. 
  4.     To start, there is vector cut layer, two vector etch layers, and a raster engrave layer.
  5.     If you want to set up more than 2 layers of engraving, copy one of our layers, and give it an alternate color that corresponds to one of the 8 AutoCAD basic layers.
  6.     Always use the Illustrator templates, which can be found below for the Universals and the Trotec.