The UIC FAB LAB 1330 and the PROJECT LAB 1400, are located on the ground floor of the Architecture + Design Studios at 845 W Harrison St, Chicago, IL 60607.  


The last day to submit 3D prints or CNC projects will be 12/7 at 3pm. 

The fablab and project lab will close for the semester on 12/12 at 1pm

Art and Architecture Bldg

 The facility houses 3 Universal Laser Systems and 1 Trotec Speedy 400 Laser Cutters, an Objet Alaris 30pro, a UPRINT Plus, a ZCORP Zprinter 450, 3D printer, a Techno Series CNC Router. 

 Laser Cutting hours are:
M  10am-1pm & 6-9pm
T   10am-9pm
W  10am-1pm & 6-9pm
R   10am-9pm  
F   10am-1pm
S   10am-5pm
S   10am-5pm