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Sign-Up Procedure

  • Sign up via email at Follow “Steps for a Successful CNC Experience” on the website.

  • You must allow 5-7 business days to complete the entire CNC process, from submitting your file to completing the routing operation.

    • The CNC service is a "first come, first serve" service. Those who submit files for review and have files that are complete will be placed first in the queue.

  • You may need to present your ID at the beginning of your scheduled time to ensure nobody has swapped reservations. You cannot send a friend to complete your CNC job.

  • You are allowed a maximum of 2 hours of cut time per week, any jobs that are longer must be submitted by a group project and must be approved by the CNC email operators.

  • You can cancel your scheduled CNC time by emailing at least 4 hours before your start time with your full name and the date/time that you wish to cancel. Cancelling your scheduled time will result in you forfeiting your position in the queue.

Steps for a Successful CNC Experience

1. Create your 3D model.

Make sure top put it in the template, available here.

  • Nested with a 1” border around the edge of your material.

    • A 1-inch border around all objects nested close by

    • An offset of each object with a 1” border.

      • Changed to a separate layer.

  • Make sure all machining lines have been “projected to Cplane”

  • No duplicate lines. Sel Dup..

  • Make sure no wall thickness is below ¼”

  • No models over 4” thickness.

2. Submit your file for review and receive time estimate.

a. Before submitting your well-made file, you must download and complete a CNC Submission form, available here.

b. Make sure you name the file appropriately (2015_MM-DD_LastName). If the job is split into multiple parts, you must submit each part as a separate file, designated with _01, _02, etc. at the end of the name.

c. Email the completed Submission Form and all model files to  CNC email Submitted jobs are reviewed MWF, 10am-2pm. After your files have been reviewed, you will receive an email response. If a file is not suitable for milling, you will receive an email notifying you of common issues to give you a chance to resolve any issues.

Triple Check  When showing up for a CNC job you must...

1. Check-In with your ID when you arrive to cut. Try to arrive 5 minutes before scheduled CNC in order to keep your reservation.

2. Have your file ready in the template (preferable loaded onto a USB drive).

3. Have your material, cut, planned down to the appropriate time and placed either next to the table or on the bed read to secure.