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Sign-Up Procedure

In order to use the CNC

  • Sign up via email: 

  • To secure the machine. Allow 5-7 business days for turnaround minimum.
    • A rush fee might be worked out if you need it sooner. This is entirely based on the discretion of the lab staff.

  • You must present your ID both when you sign up, and when you come to cut.

  • You are allowed a maximum of 2 hours of cut time each week, with no more than 2 hours of cut.

  • You cancel your appointment only in person at the Lab at least 1 hour in advance, or by emailing at least 2 hours before your start time with your full name and the date/time that you wish to cancel.

Steps for a Successful CNC Experience

1. Create your 3D model.

Make sure top put it in the template, available here.

  • Nested with a 1” border around the edge of your material.

    • A 1-inch border around all objects nested close by

    • An offset of each object with a 1” border.

      • Changed to a separate layer.

  • Make sure all machining lines have been “projected to Cplane”

  • No duplicate lines. Sel Dup..

  • Make sure no wall thickness is below ¼”

  • No models over 4” thickness.

2. Submit your file for review and receive time estimate.

Before submitting your well-made file, you must download and complete a CNC Submission form, available here. Make sure you name the file appropriately (2015_MM-DD_LastName). If the job is split into multiple parts, you must submit each part as a separate file, designated with _01, _02, etc. at the end of the name. Then email the completed Submission Form and all model files to  CNC/projectlab email( Submitted jobs are reviewed M-F, 10am-3pm. After your job has been reviewed, you will be emailed back/ If a file is not suitable for milling, you will receive an email notifying you of common issues to give you a chance to resolve any issues.

Triple Check  When showing up a CNC file you must have…

1) Check-In with your ID when you arrive to cut, you must be 10-15 minutes early. If you are on time you are late. .

2) You must have your file ready in the template.

3) Have your material, cut, planned down to the appropriate time and placed either next to the table or on the bed read to secure.