3/12/202 ALERT: Due to Campus wide shift to remote/distance learning, the CNC service is temporarily suspended. Check emails from the schools for updates

CNC operates from 10am to 6pm Monday through Friday. Maximum 2 CNC jobs can be scheduled in a single day. 
*Availability depends on staff availability

CNC Schedule


CNC Policies

In order to use the CNC service...

  • You must be at least in your 3rd year of your degree track
  • You must have a current Project Lab orientation

    • For in-depth CNC demos, groups of 5 or more students can email to schedule a small group authorization.
  • You must submit a .3dm file in this template with the CNC submission form to

    • Please save as a Rhino 5 file
  • You must be making work for classes at UIC. No contract work or personal projects.

  • All materials must be processed and cut to size before your scheduled CNC time.

  • You must be on time. Arriving later than 15 minutes for your scheduled CNC time will result in forfeiting your scheduled time slot and being moved to the back of the queue.

*Rules and requirements for use are subject to change without prior notification (in most cases this is due to equipment damage or staff shortages)

Steps for a Successful CNC Experience

1. Create your 3D model.

  • Make sure top put it in the template, available here.
  • Nested with a 1” border around the edge of your material.

    • A 1-inch border around all objects nested close by

    • An offset of each object with a 1” border.

      • Changed to a separate layer.

  • Make sure all machining lines have been “projected to Cplane”

  • No duplicate lines. SelDup to find and remove duplicates

  • Make sure no wall thickness is below ¼”

  • No models over 2” thickness in the z direction.

  • Save as "Rhino 5" file, if you are operating on Rhino 6.

2. Submit your file for review and receive time estimate.

  • Download and complete a CNC Submission form, available here.
  • Make sure you name the file appropriately (2015_MM-DD_LastName).
    • If the job is split into multiple parts, you must submit each part as a separate file, designated with _01, _02, etc. at the end of the name.
  • Email the completed Submission Form and Model Files to the CNC email
  • Submitted jobs are reviewed M-F, 9am-11am. After your job has been reviewed, you will be emailed back. If a file is not suitable for milling, you will receive an email notifying you of common issues to remedy before we can successfully mill the model.
3. Arrive at scheduled time for Milling
  • Arrive on time (see previous 15 min late policy)
  • Have your material prepped and ready to go (no last minute changes to the size or scale of the project)
  • Run through setup with CNC proctor
  • Follow instructions on vacuuming and clearing material after milling
  • While the router is running...
    • No cell phone use
    • No socializing with friends
    • Pause job if you take a break
    • Feel free to have your laptop for typing/modeling
    • Pay attention to sound changes