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Laser cut Kerfing, Lattice Hinge Design

A lot of students have been asking more detailed questions about "how to create the beautiful live edge arc," or better known as laser kerf bending. Below I have listed to articles to help explain the process. The first one is from Defpro Engineering, in this article the do a deep dive into the technical aspects of how to properly calculate link clearance and bend radius. Below is a photo that helps better explain what a lattice hinge is. 

Additionally, here is an article from that explains kerf bending in a more artistic fashion

Here are a few websites where you can find files for laser cut designs. 

A Few different guides to help you with designing for DMLS (Metal 3D printing).

Ultimate Guide to Finishing 3D Printed Parts

Cold Casting Turns 3D Prints into Metal

The cold casting process looks like one that would appeal to any 3D printing enthusiast, with the opportunity to use a variety of powders and clear resins, getting creative with the final aesthetics of the 3D print and ending with up a 3D printed object that really is metal in the end — without all the danger, hassle, or expense.

You will need. 

  • Fast-setting silicone
  • Desired powder (usually available in any hardware store)
  • Mold release
  • Cups
  • Clear resin

YouTube Video

Finishing for ABS 3D prints 

Different finishing techniques for ABS printed parts can help customize your project. This article and video give instructions on how to create a smooth or glossy finish to ABS parts giving it a clean and professional appearance. 

Note: This is not something you can do here at UIC. The ventilation is not set up correctly in our shop to be able to accommodate for this practice. Please do this at home. 

YouTube Video

123D Make

Autodesk has once again changed the game. 123D Make helps you turn 3D models into real world creations made out of any flat material that you can cut! Just upload any .STL file and let the fun begin!      Click Here to download.

YouTube Video

Tips from Sean Charlesworth.

3D printing and rapid prototyping expert Sean Charlesworth shares some of his pro tips. He also walks you through the assembly of his model of a Steampunk Scuttlefish. You can download the file on thingiverse.

YouTube Video