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3D Printing is a method of rapid prototyping in which objects are built (printed) layer by layer in an additive process.  Printing software slices a computer model into hundreds of very thin horizontal layers from a digital model.  The machine then prints (or fuses) those layers in succession one on top of the other, building the object from the bottom up. 3d Printing requires extremely precise modeling practices in order to ensure a completely closed polysurface or solid model.


3d Print Lab Techs are not responsible for understanding the project’s geometry; however, they will ensure that the file is set up for optimal printing. Any files not suitable for printing will be returned to the student for editing/remodeling. Upon receipt of the file, Techs will email the student a total volume and price for final approval prior to printing.

If you have netflix there is a really good documentary called "PRINT THE LEGEND". 

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