Tips and Tech Details


Ensure you convert your CAD file to inches prior to exporting your model, and if you model in dimensions other than inches be sure to confirm the dimensions of your re-scaled model.

Most 3D printers cannot print walls that are under 3mm (roughly 0.11811"). A good rule of thumb is to make sure all walls are 1/8 inch or thicker.

  • Mesh Settings

  1.  Is your job efficient in it’s number of parts?
  2.  Are the normals facing the same direction in Rhino
  3.  Are there any non-manifold edges (unclosed polysurfaces) in Rhino?
  4.  Is an appropriate thickness of 1/8” maintained throughout the model?
  5.  Have you provided a hole to remove excess powder after printing?
  6.  Does the model “check out” in the MiniMagics 2.0 analyses?

  1.  Does the model fit within the printer limitations?
  2.  Is the model the correct scale? (provide dimensions for all part in the email submittable)
  3. Is the model constructed appropriately for the depowdering process?
  4. Have you prepaid for your job?