Rebuilding Curves


There are many ways to correct a non-manifold model, but the best is to rebuild it using curves (if working in Rhino).  In Rhino, curves are defined by type, degree (the amount of curvature), and the number of control points.


In turn, these attributes define the surfaces built from them.  Each method for creating a surface has its own properties.  If your model requires different surface types, it’s important to keep these in mind.  For example:


Lofting preserves the attributes of the curves used to create the surfaces, but since it uses curves in one direction only, the open edges of the surface may be unpredictable.


Sweeping redefines the rail curves as interpolated curves, with control points spaced according to curvature.

-Curve Network

A curve network redefines the edge curves as 3rd degree rebuilt curves with evenly spaced control points.  Consequently, any corners within a curve will become rounded.